The Craftsmanship and Artistry of Hardware Renaissance

Our featured vendor for the month of June is Hardware Renaissance. With over a decade of handcrafted designs, Hardware Renaissance’s pieces are created with a focus on sustainability and, as their motto states, they offer a level of craftsmanship “like no other.” Hardware Renaissance continues to produce hardware in solid bronze and hand forged iron


How Brass Hardware is Manufactured

There’s nothing quite like the look and texture of true brass. It’s not only a lovely aesthetic choice for interior design, but a durable and corrosion-resistant base metal for high quality hardware. As a blend of copper and zinc, the color of the final alloy can vary from dark brown to light silvery yellow,

How to Order Door Hardware

Your front doors are the gateway to your home and they should capture your spirit and personality. We always strive to help a client choose the perfect compliment to their home design, from ornate brass handles to a modern wood grain finish.  There are so many options for designer door hardware, a creative mind could

Tips for Choosing Interior Door Hardware

You and your houseguests are more likely to notice interior door hardware when it does not fit the style of your house or it does not function as well as you want it to function. When you choose interior door hardware properly, it will enhance the overall design of your house and serve you for